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A lot of Pokemon I like have trouble with speed. You can scarf it boost it pass it, but some of those Pokemon also have trouble setting up due to not being bulky. Lowering an opponent's speed isn't viable as mud(shot?) sucks, bubblebeam sucks, etc., plus they can switch out. Should I boost my own speed with a tailwind user (Suicune? Zapdos I think can do it?) or change my lead to a sticky web user, I never know! So which is generally the best option of those two: Sticky web or tailwind?


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In singles, Sticky Web by far.
In doubles, Tailwind by far.
The reason they are good in different Metagames is because of how long they last. Doubles have very little switching and are usually very offensive as a defensive playstyle becomes near impossible when the opponent have two Pokemon on the field. At the same time, every turn is precious and hazards are overall often set aside since they won't get any time to show any grat impact. Tailwind on the other hand is godsend in doubles. Since it boost both your Pokeons Speed and by two it is a great setup move. And because the meta is so fast paced the extremely short duration isn't such a liability.
In singles on the other hand, Tailwind is meh at best. You are constantly switching out, losing precious turns, and althought the boost is great it's just to little for to short of a time. Sticky Web on the other hand stays until it is removed. This means that it either stays indefinitely, or you gain the upper hand in the predictions as the opponent's options drastically decrease. Sure there are a myriad of Pokemon which can't be affected by it and the available Sticky Web setters are very limited its longlivity will always aid you in a battle.
So once again Sticky Web is for Singles when Tailwind is for Doubles.

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A little to verbose for my liking, but good job.
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I would say sticky web is the better option of the two due to it's better longevity. If your opponent lacks a spinner or defog user stick web remains active for the duration of the game which means your opponents Pokémon's speed will be lowered the entire game. If your opponent does have a spinner or defog user forcing them to go for either of those moves can create useful opportunities to set up or score a KO.

Thank you very much for your input, it was genuinely considered.
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Lets see...


-can't be canceled
-only 5 turns

Sticky Web

- bulky shuckle has it, along with other hazards
-rapid spin and defog cancel, but stop rapid spin with ghost types and defog with magic bounce or magic coat or taunt

I like sticky web better personnaly, but it's up to you, and with sticky web, sableye can stop forretress, zapdos, and mandibuzz.

Just so you know, tailwind lasts 3 turns.
Lol both of you two tits are wrong- gen5+ has it for four, not 3 or 5 XD
Btw Aranacana if this had a diamond/platinum/pearl tag or below you would be right, but this is ORAS so pick up a 3ds bruh
Also tailwind can be taunted...and this answer was too bare bones, I would have appreciated more elaboration at the end. However I thank you for your time, your input was genuinely considered, thank you.