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I couldn't find out why, does anyone know?

Why have wifi for Black and White 1 and 2 if everybody is gonna be playing XY or ORAS
But couldnt they have it for XY and ORAS as well, if they didnt allow you to catch fairy/new pokemon in black and white?

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As far as marketing strategies go, the Pokemon Global Link (and subsequently, Dream World) was shut down to promote the Gen VI games. By removing one of the features from Gen V, it influences people to go buy the newer games, giving Nintendo more revenue. It also let them reintroduce GL in Gen VI with a better system.

It's also true that the amount of people playing Gen V will drop anyway, and maintaining both systems would cost more - however in retrospect, the cost would be minimal to a company worth nearly 20 Billion USD.

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They shut down the wifi because not many people are still playing gen 5 and it's a massive loss of money