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I'm formulating a majorly awesome team for the upcoming April 2015 VGC International Challenge, and I am being plagued by my sixth Pokémon. I haven't figured out too much about the rest of the team, but here's what I've got figured out:

Electivire – My muscle, all attacks.
Mega Mence – The primary Mega, Substitute + Dragon Dance
Swampert – Wide Guard support and anti-Landorus.
Sylveon – Le Specs Hyper Voice, Dragon coverage. Might be changed to Clefable.
Rotom-H – Invaluable coverage and Will-o-Wisp support.

Here's where I run into difficulties; I need speed control and Steel coverage something awful. I've narrowed my field down to two Pokémon: Klefki or Scizor.

>Klefki offers Prankster Thunder Wave, the best type of speed control, plus Safeguard to protect my own team from status. Unfortunately, she shares a Ground weakness with Electivire.

>Scizor has Technician Bullet Punch and Bug Bite, which help the team against opposing Sylveon and Cresselia. He does have Tailwind speed control, but fails to provide the support that Klefki does.

So which Steel type benefits the team more? If I choose Klefki I lose out on an offensive option, whereas if I pick Scizor I lose out on support.

Help me make up my mind! Or if you think of a better alternative that wields Steel STAB and speed control, feel free to suggest it!

Answer being checked, OK?
If you really need the support moves, go with Klefki.
Honestly the Ground-type weakness doesn't really matter. You already have Levitate Rotom-Heat and Salmence (part Flying type).

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Scizor > Klefki because like you said klefki shares a weakness to ground with electivire while scizor only is weak to fire. If you send scizor out against a fire type by mistake, you can use u-turn to escape. So IMHO Scizor is better than klefki. I would use this set:
[email protected] scizorite
trait: Technician
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 att, 252 def, 4 spe
Bullet punch
Bug Bites

Hope I helped ;)

I did some more research and found that Klefki is actually more to my liking, but thanks for the advice anyways!
NP dude its just Scizor is one of my main 6
With this set you want to be jolly to u turn escape more efficiently
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let's see, you have 3 physical attackers, 1.5 special attackers and .5 support (rotom is half and half), so you need some more special coverage.
i'd recomend aegislash since he's really the only special attacking steel type besides empoleon, but you already have a water type.
here you go:
[email protected] leftovers
evs: 252 sp atk ; 252 HP; 4 def
-kings sheild
-flash cannon
-shadow ball
-wide gaurd/ iron defense/ magnet rise
I do have another non-steel type idea, but you said I couldn't.

It just needs Steel coverage AND speed control. Aegis doesn't have speed control.
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This can be solved by simply looking at your team. How many of you pokes are there to destroy opposed to help your team? Let's go through them friends.
http://pldh.net/media/pokexycons/466.png offense
http://pldh.net/media/pokexycons/373-mega.png offense
http://pldh.net/media/pokexycons/260.png both
http://pldh.net/media/pokexycons/700.png offense
http://pldh.net/media/pokexycons/479-heat.png both but mainly offense
Klefki what a name, Wooooobuffet
extra points
if you want to eliminate the ground weaknesss air balloon could help on either poke
replace sylveon for the almighty Dovahkiin (thats clefable). Follow me will help megamence set up sub then d-dance
ifyou're runnIng motor drive on electivire you can thunder wave it with klefki to go faster. Another form of speed control

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Sorry, but I just had ask why you sound like this a double battle?
Because it is? VGC is the Doubles format.
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I have had a similar problem to this one myself. I would recommend klefki because you already have 2 (potentially 3) physical attackers. plus klefki can be good for setting up spikes and torment because of prankster.