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When I was younger I always thought the opponent's Pokemon beat you up causing this, but I know that it's not true now. Just wondering why?

It's Nintendo's way of saying "Lol you dun goof, restart pls"
^ Even Nintendo laughs at us XD
Your enemy punches you, knocks you out, then mugs you and takes half your money, then gets a crisis of conscience and carries you to a Pokemon Centre (they're not as mean as you thought).
XD At least I know they're human.

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I don't believe there's a definite answer to this question but here is what I assume happens

When all your Pokemon faint you started to panic, adrenalin went through you and your protective instincts took you too the nearest Pokemon centre. You didn't actually black out. It just went so fast that it felt like you just blacked out.

But still, after seeing Gamefreak logic you probably got punched in the face by a water demon and flew to a Pokemon centre on a flying bathtub

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Wow. Adrenalin? o_0
You have my +1
**this isn't a proper answer and there really isn't one but..**
This joke from deviant art gives a funny explanation.
[Thug wild life][1]

  [1]: http://bummerdude.deviantart.com/art/Thug-Wildlife-425420156?q=gallery:Bummerdude/20713686&qo=3