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I have my Regice down to very low hp and on Burn. I try loading the game from a file to throw the Ultra ball but it gets to 2 shakes Max. and brakes free always. I do not know why it happens. Did I do something wrong? And if I allow it to attack he will die from the burn.


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I'm sorry to say that you are just getting very unlucky. You can try using a Dusk Ball since he is in a cave, but you can also try putting him to sleep so that the catch rate is increased more. You are not doing anything wrong. Also, Pokémon take burn damage whether or not they attack.

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Tips to keep on mind

  • Paralyze it instead. This way you don't risk it fainting
  • Use a move like False Swipe. This will make sure you don't faint it by your moves.

  • Use Dusk Balls if playing at night. Also stock on Timer Balls. After 10 turns they become really effective.

  • Use a high leveled Pokemon. This is because the catch rate increases the higher the level difference their is ( obviously higher catch rate if your level is higher.)

  • Keep trying. Sounds stupid, but it really works.

When "I" was fighting Regirock, I stocked up ALOT on Timer Balls, and Ultra Balls, I paralyzed him, then after about 25 turns of Timer Ball after Timer Ball... He ran out of all of his PP and used struggle, and fainted due to recoil. Disproving that Timer Balls work.
You can also try to make it sleep to help. Sleep will not only prevent it from damaging you, but as well as ridding the risk of Struggle.
If you want your opponent to sleep, then commence a Yawn Attack.
*facepalm* 'DISPROVING' that timer balls work!?Are you kidding me.It's by chance.CHANCE.It is not guaranteed that you'll catch it.You were probably unlucky.