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When I first went to the Nameless Cavern, a place that requires Soaring to go, I caught an Azelf. I noticed that Azelf came out of a portal right before the battle started. The portal had a golden rim and a dark opening inside. I know that Azelf is supposed to live in a lake, but it shouldn't be inside a cave with barely any water. Then, I found Tornadus come out of a portal as well. I got shocked, because Tornadus belongs in the Unova region. Then, Virizion came out of a portal. As I found more legendaries, more portals appeared. With my knowledge of Hoopa, I know that Hoopa can transport things big as an island to a different place using its rings. Then I found out that Hoopa Unbound's hole in its chest looks exactly like the portals you have to touch in order to fight a legendary. Is Hoopa Unbound responsible for transporting the various legendaries from their original habitats to the Hoenn region?

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Or is he?
Were you really surprised.

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That is a fan theory and it is kind of canon too because of the new movie in which Hoopa brings out all the Legendaries. But for the games they haven't officially revealed it even thought it is so obvious! Yes Hoops bought all these Legendaries to Hoenn (Who else owns rings?)

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