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For example, as far as I know, only zygarde has access to Aura Break. How many of these "indigenous" abilities exist, and which Pokémon have them?


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Air Lock - Rayquasa
Aura Break - Zygarde
Bad Dreams - Darkrai
Color Change - Kecleon
Dark Aura - Yvetal
Delta Stream - Mega Rayquasa
Desolate Land - Primal Groudon
Fairy Aura - Xerneas
Flower Gift - Cherim
Forecast - Castform
Fur Coat - Furfrou
Imposter - Ditto
Multitype - Arceus
Parental Bond - Mega Kangaskhan
Primordial Sea - Primal Kyogre
Slow Start - Regigigas
Stall - Sableye
Toxic Boost - Zangoose
Victory Star - Vicitini
Wonder Guard - Shedinja

Source: http://pokemondb.net/ability

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Flaf, you missed the ones which are unique to a certain evolution line. Assuming ofc, those count
I only included Abilities with a single wielder, families excluded.
Forecast - Cherim?
I thought wonder guard was shedinja
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55 Pokemon

Upto ORAS there are 55 Pokemon with Signature Abilities.
See here for all the Signiture Moves

The list is wrong. Many Pokemon share those abilities.
No it's technically correct. It counts Pokemon from every generation, not just Gen VI.