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How do pokemon (like Samurott) have moves at level at lv.1, and how do you get them?

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At the move tutors house just like pullarrush said

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You use a Heart Scale at a Move Tutor's house.

Thanks, I guessed that, but now I know for sure.

Where do I get Heart Scales. I have one; but do I get more?
There are only about 4 obtainable in-game.
In Driftveil City, there is a woman in the house to the left of the Pokemon Center (above the market).  Every day she will ask to see a different attack.  If you have a Pokemon in your party that knows that attack, she will give you a Heart Scale.

Limit one per day.
You can find them with pickup or in sapphire, ruby, emerald you can find luvdisc holding them, although you cant migrate things holding stuff to black and white so it won't help in that matter.  Maybe Atomalas can be holding them (They are pretty similar aren't they)
Thanks, I got one today. I used it on my Victini to get Searing Shot. I have another one too! Thxs sooooo much!!! :D
Uhh, you can fish Luvdisc in-game, as far as I know, so there's your consistent source of Heart Scales.
I just caught a Volcarona but for some reason it cant re learn moves that are said to be learnt at level 1, and advice?