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I really want to know if vitamins really worth it (its so expensive).

Not really imo. Horde Training is still faster.

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Not really no. The reason being that they only increase EVs up to 100, then they will have no effect. A better way is a whole combination of EV boosters:

Pokerus+Macho Brace and battling Pokemon that will give 2+ EVs. Only takes 15-20 minutes really.
Another option is Wings but you will need 252 or something so no good.
Hope I helped. For further information try Pokemon Database's EV guide.
Note: If you are playing Generation VI games why not try out Super Training, it's like a blessing from GameFreak.

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Vitamins increase EVs in a particular stat by 10 for the first 100 EVs in that stat. As far as your question is concerned, vitamins are worth it depending on the person. It is I believe 98,000 pokedollars for 10 vitamins, so if you have money to spend, it's your choice. Horde training gives 5 EVs for the stat the Pokemon encountered gives, and us given throughout your party via EXP share. Super training and vitamins train certain stats well, but for a single Pokemon. Wings also exist, giving 1 EV for a certain stat, but I don't know how or where to get them. Long answer short, it's your decision on how to train. Hope I helped!