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Slowpoke tail is eaten in X/Y. Are there any other Pokemon that are said to be eaten or actually eaten?

Just by humans? or pokemon too?
It's a Landog-eat-Landog world out there, pal.
I remember Magikarps, but not much else
Taillow eats wurmples, so not sure if you want those included.
^I think this answer has already been answered, but worded differently.
Here's what I think:

In nature:
Pidgy eats worm-like or Bug Pokèmon, such as Catterpie
Heatmore eats Durants
Magikarp to all those Pokèmon willing to eat it, example, Pigeotto

In human world:
Bug type Pokèmon, because they're delicious (...)
Magikarps and all those fish-like Pokèmon
Slowpoke tails
Bird-like Pokèmon's eggs
Chicken-like Pokèmon (so sorry Torchic ;-;)
Farfetch'd meat (ohh how the cruellllteh)

Eh... That's all I could think of...
Don't forget Farfetch'd.
Aren't slowpoke tails eaten in HG/SS (Johto)??

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By people:
-Possibly Octillery
-Possibly Cherubi
-Possibly Basculin

By other Pokemon:
-Meowth tried to eat a Magikarp
-Heatmor eat Durant
-A Pidgey tried to eat a Caterpie
-Ekans and Arbok eat Pidgey eggs and Spearow eggs
-Swalot/Gulpin eat anything.
-Aron and lairon are shown to be eating the [Megarig's][1] remains in Giratina and the Sky Warrior
-Pidgeot eat Magikarp
-A Snorlax tried to eat a Goldeen
-Kingler eat Shellder and Cloyster
-Omastar were believed to have eaten Shellders before they became extinct
-Taillow eats Wurmple
-Cherubi is preyed upon by Starly
-Scatterbug's pokedex entry states that it is preyed upon by bird Pokemon
-In Pokemon Snap, many Meowths are chasing Pidgeys


I might be missing a few. Check the first source if theres something I left out.
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Megarig

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