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I know Belch doesn't do anything without having eaten a berry, but can you select the move without the game denying you? Thinking of running Custap berry with Belch on Seviper. Custap berry activates after selecting a move. In Pokemon showdown you can't select Belch before eating a berry the turn before, but I'm wondering if it's possible in BDSP remakes and all the official games for that matter.

Showdown is a simulator of the real games. There should be no battle mechanic on Showdown that is different compared to the real games, unless specified by the format.
As Fizz said, Showdown! replicates all game mechanics unless you're playing some Other Metagame/Unofficial Metagame (only in USM). There should be no difference between game mechanics and PS! mechanics in official formats.

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It cannot be selected unless the user has previously eaten a Berry in the current battle.


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