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Such as Victini for B/W.

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there was an event in HG/SS, the event for Arceus in gen 4, and.. i that's like, it... :↨
The Eon Ticket in ORAS. And I think there was the item that triggered the Darkrai event. In HGSS, a Pichu event givees you access to Celebi… so it's not technically direct.

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Eon ticket- Pokémon R/S/E and OR/AS
Oak's letter- Pokémon D/P/PL
Azure Flute- Pokémon D/P/PL
Enigma Stone- Pokémon HG/SS
Liberty Pass- Pokémon Black and White
Member card- Pokémon D/P/PL
GS Ball- Pokémon Crystal
Aurora Ticket- Pokémon E/FR/LG
Mystic Ticket- Pokémon E/FR/LG
Old Sea Map- Pokémon Emerald
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Event_item

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