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Wouldn't it be possible to do this:
-Trade all your Pokemon to a friends device (or another game or something)
-Restart the game (as in actually restarting from Littleroot or where ever your game starts and not just soft-resetting)
-Trade your pokes back
-Get to the part with kyogre/groudon/legend of your game or delta episode
-Recatch the Pokemon

Would this work? It seems strange to me if it would, since people could end up with tons of deoxys, for example, and they wouldn't be special anymore. Is there anything that would stop it from working?

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If you are thinking about catching the legends, trade them over and restart the game (as in deleting your save file) then trade them back to the game you restarted, yes it would work.
However, if you are thinking about trading them over to a different game, then soft resetting, it won't work because the game saves before any internet activity is started.

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I'm pretty sure that this is correct because a lot of ppl use the same method to get multiple starters / legendaries.
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It wouldnt work.
Remember the game makes you save before doing any online interactions.

I meant you trade everything away, save, restart the game (as in start over from littleroot town) and get your pokemon back then recatch the legends
Oh then yes but who would really go through the whole game many times for legends when cloners are everywhere