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Would it stay in its Unbound Form even if the other person didn't have the prison bottle or would it revert back to its Confined Form?

...How is anyone supposed to test this?
I imagine it would just revert back, but I have no idea what these forms are and what they do so I'm not fit to answer the question.
I would guess that if Shaymin's forme changes when you trade a sky forme, then so would Hoopa.
I have capabilities of testing this, but I won't see my friend for a while, so I'll have to wait to answer this, unless someone else does.

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Hoopa Unbound will revert into Hoopa Confined if three days have passed after using the Prison Bottle or if it is deposited in the PC.

This snippet taken from here does not mention anything to do with its form reverting when traded . So it most likely won't (as there is no way of checking for sure this is all I can give).

Hope I helped :)

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hoopa is not obtainable in a legit way yet, so you can't trade it. GTS will know when it is hacked. So it is not possible to know at this time.