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What I mean is that you know how there moves that one Pokemon can have but one other Pokemon(chain) can learn it from leveling up? For example: Beartic can learn Icicle crash but so can Cloyster, Noivern and Exploud have boomburst, Blaziken and Hitmonlee have Blaze kick, etc.
What I'm trying to say is what are the moves that are meant for one Pokemon but one other Pokemon can also learn it.

This does not include event Pokemon!

Thanks very much! =)

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Can you be a *little* more specific? I get your general idea, but there are way too many to get 'em all satisfactorily.
Is there really that many?
Yep,there are.
This question is extremely vague. If you mean signature moves such as Lugia's Aeroblast and Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire, specify.
Your Icicle Crash example is a poor example because the Mamoswine family, Weavile family, and Pikachu can learn it as well.
Are you talking about signature moves? There is already a question about that.
You need to clarify this question a bit or it'll probably be hidden
I will clarify by editing.

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Venusaur's Frenzy Plant - all other grass starters finals
Charizard's Blast Burn - all other fire starters finals
Blastoise's Hydro Cannon - all other water starters finals ; skull bash - sharpedo, barbacle, avalugg
Beedrill's Twineedle - escavalier
Pidgeot's feather dance - unfezant, swanna, hawlucha, chatot ; gust - butterfree, venomoth etc.
Raticate's hyper fang/super fang - bibarel, pachirisu etc.
Arbok's glare - dunsparce, seviper, zygarde
Vileplume's petal dance - sunflora, lilligant etc.
Parasect's spore - shroomish, amoongus etc.
Diglett's fissure - groundon, whishcash, etc.
Arcanine's extreme speed - rayquaza, lucario, togekiss, etc.
Machamp's Vital throw - throh, hariyama, etc.
Gengar's night shade - ariados, xatu, etc.
Kingler's Crabhammer - crawdaunt, clawitzer
Marowak's bone rush - lucario and mandibuzz
Kangaskhan's dizzy punch - spinda, lopunny, etc.
Staryu's camouflage - sawsbuck, mothim, etc.
Magikarp's splash - wailord, skiploom, etc.
Moltres's sky attack - noctowl, altaria, etc.
Dragonite's outrage - krookodile, xerneas, etc.
Ariados's spider web - galvantula
Espeon's morning sun - beautifly, cherrim

These are all of kanto's and some of johto's Pokemon. There are an excessive amount of Pokemon who can learn the same moves, regardless if it's used for someone only.

Here are all the Pokemon with signature moves: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Signature_move

Hope I helped! :)

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A blaze answering a blaze. Amazing.
Hypno and Hypnosis?
Poliwag, gastly and exeggcute could learn it as well, and theyre gen 1 Pokémon.
I dont know if they learned if after gen 1, though