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Okay I'm doing this on my phone so sorry if there's any spelling mistakes.
Inheritance is when you can get one Pokémon to "inherit" the moveset and ability of another Pokémon.
For example, (not that you would use this as it would be awful) you could get Raichu to "Inherit" the moveset and ability of Azumarill.
This means Raichu could choose between Sap Sipper, Huge Power or Thick Fat (Azumarills abilities) and get Azumarills moveset (Aqua Jet, Play Rought, etc.)
The thing is you cannot mix and match in inheritance.
You could not take Azumarills abilities and mix it with Raichu's moves. If you choose to inherit things from a Pokémon you are basically them with only the typing and stats being different (and design ofc)
Hope I helped :)

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Oh and Showdown checks to see if your combination is possible :)
And as a far as I know of Slaking and Regigigas are banned
how do you inherit though? do you automatically copy the opponents ability/ moveset?
Okay you know when you type in your ability and moves on the showdown make a team section?
You just have to type in the Pokémon you want to inherit's moves and ability even if it says illegal
But it has to be the moves and ability of an actual Pokémon ofc