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The website says that a Nidoran evolves at lvl 16. But I took it to the daycare and it leveled from 14 to 17. Then I leveled it to level 18 and it still hasn't evolved. How do I get it evolved?

Are you sure? It definitely should have evolved
Maybe it's holding an everstone?  Or you pushed B on accident?  Because otherwise,  it should've evolved

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You should be able to evolve it after Lvl. 17, there are a couple of reasons that might be the reason it didn't evolve.

  • It was holding an everstone: Everstones stop Pokemon from evolving, check and see if it is holding one/
  • You pressed the B button: It tried to evolve but you accidently pressed the B button, doing that will stop it from evolving.
  • It didn't level up: You may have had it enter a battle and gain exp points, but it didn't level up.
  • It fainted: In Gen1 - Gen5 games, if a Pokemon fainted and they were at the level they should evolve at they wouldn't evolve until you healed it and leveled it up again. (If you are in X/y or ORAS this is not the case)

If none of those is the issue, try leveling it up again, if that doesn't work it's a glitch.

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Pokemon can't evolve in the Daycare nor do the gain happiness or EV's. All you have to do is. Level it up outside the daycare. If this doesn't work A. Take the Everstone off, B. Stop pressing 'B,' C. Consult someone of a higher level of knowledge, or D. Level it up again.
If this doesn't work get a new Nidoran, is it that much of a problem? It may just be a glitch.

Hope I helped!~-~SwagMeowth