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I don't get it. I started my journey with snivy . I battled much using him, but its showing me that snivy still needs 44 exp. points to go to level 6 . Why???


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Is it a ROM ?

There's a common glitch in the BW/2 ROMs where the Pokemon does not gain Exp.
If its a ROM. There's not much you can do if its a ROM you're playing on an Emulator

If its a an actual copy of the game which is played on the 3/DS System ? If it is then it could be the Game being funny. This can happen if the Save File before your was hacked and corrupted. Take it back to the Shop you got it from if you bought it from there. The Copy might be pirated so ask for a refund.

DS Region Lock
If your copy is the DS Game and your DS is a different region. Then it may not work.

Faint the opposing Pokemon
By ' battled much' , you need to have fainted the Pokemon that he was battling so thaat he'll gain Exp. At the end of the battle it will say, ' Snivy Gained ... Exp ! '

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There actually was a way to fix the ROM glitch by entering an action replay debug code, though I don't know the code anymore and the page was taken down.
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You gain exp. points be battling and winning. If you haven't won any battles, that's the problem. It also depends on how much battling you did, if you did one or two battles, it's not gonna level up with the exp. it earns from those battles.It also depends on how high the level of Pokemon you are battling with are. If you are battling other level 6 Pokemon, you will get a good amount of exp. points and likely level up soon. If you are battling Pokemon that are level 2-3 you won't get much exp. points because it is easier for Snivy to defeat them.
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Snivy needs a bunch of exp. just like any other Pokemon. Since you start your battle, you start battling weaker Pokemon than further in the game. Therefore, you don't get more than 100 exp. per Pokemon. When you get further in the game, you'll start finding it easier. Since your in the beginning of the game, battle as many Pokemon and trainers as possible.
If you find this very irritating, use a hack, to increase in a lot. Or, use rare candies. This is just an option, you probably don't want to go with it.
But, the game begins to seem more fun and longer this way, so just enjoy it.

Hope I helped! :)

Rare candies= good
Hacks = bad
Brb, gotta eat another bagel
They both work - can be used for levelling up with exp. boost.
They can both be used to level up, except one way is easier *and costs less*.