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So it seems like every time I watch a VGC battle there's always a guy with a mega Kangaskan team (that and I run into them ALL THE TIME on battle spot) so I was wondering if there's a way to counter a mega Kangaskan team?


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  • Terrakion is a well known and brilliant counter to Mega-Kang, as it can outspeed and KO it with Close Combat, unless Kang is heavily invested into HP and Defence.

  • Intimidate, this ability lowers opposing Pokemon attack stat. There are many users of this ability, all here. Some of these Pokemon can take care of Kangaskhan quite well. Landorus-T. Mawile-M, Scrafty, Gyarados, Arcanine and Salamence-M can all take Kangs attacks and KO or burn/paralyse back with a respective move of their own. (Thanks for reminding me Astronautical)

  • Will-O-Wisp and bulky Pokemon like Amoonguss with Spore and Breloom with Mach Punch, which is a 2HKO, are also effective. Thundurus also can get Prankster Thunder Wave, and Sableye has Prankster Will-O-Wisp.

  • Ghost types, like Aegislash and Gengar, can also play around with Sucker Punch to defeat Kangaskhan, with the latter having access to Will-O-Wisp.

  • Rocky Helmet, Kang itself has made this item popular. With Parental Bond, Kang takes twice as much rocky helmet damage, you should give this to bulkier Pokemon such as Suicune and Amoonguss. (Thanks Qwerty_Zoom)

In my experience, I've never had much trouble with Kangaskhan as it can be predictable at times.
It sounds obvious, but just use some strong attacks, preferably fighting type, against it. It also helps if the Pokemon you're using can survive Kangs attacks, or outspeed it.

If you didn't know about it, here's a useful website to see what Kangaskhan is up to on battle spot, as well as the top 10 Pokemon that defeat it: Global Link

Hope This Helped :)

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Great answer, but you forgot one of the most important Kang disablers: Intimidate. Landorus, Gyarados, Mawile, Scrafty, Arcanine, and Salamence all do this job great. Landorus can either outspeed and OHKO with Superpower, or survive a Double-Edge and OHKO with Superpower. Gyarados is a decent Intimidator who can also run surprise Thunder Wave or Taunt sets. Mawile completely shreks Kang with Play Rough. Scrafty has enough bulk to take a Low Kick while dealing hefty damage with Drain Punch. Arcanine can either neuter Kang with Will-o-Wisp or go offensive Close Combat. Salamence can successfully outspeed and OHKO with Dragon Dance + Double-Edge.

I'd also like to bring up Thundurus and Sableye, who have Prankster Thunder Wave and Will-o-Wisp, respectively.
Rocky Helmet on Pokemon like Milotic and Suicune is also a way to ward of Big mom.
Oh yeah, thanks, I'll add it in.
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This option will help you defeat mega kangaskhan.
Mega kangaskhan gains a lot of defense and attack and when he megas. Using his strategies might help. For example, you want a Pokemon whose fast, has a lot of attack/sp. attack, and who can learn a strong fighting type moves - like lucario Therefore, you can try to beat him early.
Also, with his ability "parental bond", it could be frustrating. So, try to get a Pokemon who has a lot of defense/sp. defense and you has the ability rough skin or iron barbs - like ferrothorn.

Having lucario and ferrothorn on your team is a good counter for mega kangaskhan - my suggestion.

Hope I helped! :)

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I think either form of gallade wrecks kanghaskan, as he commonly has fake out, and gallade has steadfast (also mewtwo x works well), which boost his speed when he flinches, and mega gallade can't flinch beacause he has inner focus.

Mega Mewtwo is banned in VGC.
I don't what VGC is, but okay, you can still use gallade.
The questions states it is for VGC. Video Game Championships. The official battling format.