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It seems that all the codes but these two refer to something about their corresponding mega stones.
M2DESCENT: "M2" can be an abbreviation of Mewtwo.
INTIMIDATE: one of Mawile's abilities
MATSUBUSA: Japanese name of notable NPC whose signature Pokemon was Camerupt
POYONG: Gardevoir's category name in Korean
So what about "AZUL" and "SABLEVOLANT"? Please don't question my curiosity.


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Well, Azul means Blue in Spanish, and Mega Heracross is blue, so that explains AZUL

SABLEVOLANT however, is a little more complicated. Sable is actually a Marten, which is a small mammal native to Japan and Siberia, looking similar to Mega Manectric. Volant means "to fly" in Latin, and the only Mega Pokemon of the 4 that looks like it can fly is Mega Tyranitar, as it has wings.

That's all the information that I have, someone can edit this answer if they have anything to add.

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