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I need an eeveelution for my team, but I don't know which one. I heard flareon was awful and sylveon was good, but I just don't know.

Edit: Stupid autocorrect made "flare on" and "sylvan". I fixed that.

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this should go on the RMT, or just post your full team...
This is an in-game team .-.
That is my full team :( I'm still building it.
Flareon isn't terrible now that it has Flare Blitz and Superpower :(
Guys, ;o; Obviously chose me, Leafeon is awesome.

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Based on the two Pokemon you have here sylveon seems like a good choice. Both your absol and lucario are weak to to fighting type attacks which sylveon resist in addtion lucario covers both sylveons weaknesses quite well being immune to it's poison weakness and resisting it's steal weakness. Also sylveon resist absol's bug weakness. The nice type synergy and it's great bulk on the special defense side as well as it's respectable special attack and access to pixelate boosted hyper voice makes sylveon a great choice.

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lucario isnt weak to dark type moves :/
I didn't say anything in regard to lucario being weak to dark type attacks
Its true, he didn't