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I don't have any team, I am starting from scratch. Which one can have an advantage over more Gyms and has better move options? It would be great if there was a list from least to most effective.

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Flareon has great offensive stats and typing it beats Melony and Milo superpower for piers and Marnie and shadow ball or bite for Allister making it quite decent because of its struggles in raihans gym paring it with a grass type like rilaboom would Be extremely helpful
Because of grass types covering all fires weaknesses so leafeon and cinderace or rilaboom and flareon are a really nice combo
Which starter did you choose?
I need to know this because, for example, You chose Grookey. Then you won't use Leafeon, right?
Yeah a fire and grass make a great team
I'd say really the only "bad" ones are Vaporeon and Umbreon because of their bad offensive stats. You won't really need Tanks for an in-game playthrough. The rest of them are all good choices, it really depends on the rest of your team.

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The most effective Eeveelution is Flareon.

Its STAB attacks are super effective against Milo and Melony, it has Superpower for Marnie and Piers, and resists Kabu, while able to hit him super effectively through Dig. It has a very limited movepool though, and you're probably going to have to add some special attacks, but its Special Attack is already good. Its Shadow Ball/Bite handles Allister. It's not very good in Raihan's and Nessa's Gyms, so pairing it with a Grass Pokemon like Rillaboom is a massive advantage.

Flareon's Ability Guts is another great thing to mention about it. Guts + Facade isn't STAB, but it's more powerful than a STAB Flamethrower and it's physical, so why not.

Leafeon's high Speed, Defence, and Attack give it decent physical bulk and it can give out powerful attacks with Swords Dance. Leafeon is able to beat Melony's Lapras, and even use Last Resort if facing a strong opponent. It's good against some of Raihan's team and can sweep through Piers with X-Scissor.

Use Flareon if you choose Rillaboom as your starter. Use Leafeon if you choose Cinderace as your starter. Either one is good with Inteleon as your starter, although if you choose Inteleon I think Leafeon is a bit better, having a better movepool and better stats.

So it depends on the starter you choose :)

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How the heck would you already have a flareon in the fight against Milo?
Get an Eevee on Route 4, head to Motostoke Riverbank, use the Fire Stone you get there to evolve Eevee.
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