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I sifted through lots of questions about this and there are so many it was overwhelming, but in any case I only found one similar and it didn't QUITE answer my question so...

Anyway, I was wondering why, when I know for a fact that my Pokémon were infected not once but twice with Pokerus and got over it, never got the smiley. The first time I just thought I'd forgotten to give it to them, and I was half-way through the game before I realized (which was REALLY unfortunate because they were nearly all trained up T_T). So I infected them again and again they got over it but it was gone, no smiley.

Now, in the other question I read that perhaps the person I got it from hacked the Pokemon, or at least the virus, meaning it wasn't real, didn't last long, something about 0 values, that sort of thing, But the thing is, Id caught it myself, legit, in one of my PKM BW games and traded it over so I know for a fact its not hacked.

So. IS this a glitch or something? Game Freak being too cautious or something? Between this and not being able to get legit shinnies through the PokeBank, these new games are becoming a pain in the arse. -__-

Anyway, is there anything I can do to make the pokerus stay? I've got more carriers in my PC, of course, but its not worth the trouble if I have to infect them every day or so.... help?

What? You can infect them again? The way I learned it is that you infect a Pokémon and it stays like that forever, and then from 1-4 days it turns into a smiley face.
For me it's always been infected > Pokemon center > cured > that dang smiley
Ive never had that smiley before on any pokemon
Pretty sure that's a glitch, because I got Pokerus in X and everything that's had it has had the smilie. Try infecting something that's native to your ORAS game?
Maybe it has to do with the transferance
Maybe you didn't play with them enough and they don't feel happy so no smiley :p

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It shouldn't be a problem if your pokérus vanishes. They still gain double EVs, the only difference is that they cannot spread it anymore. I get that it can be annoying to respread, but it usually only takes two to five minutes for me.

I'm not sure why the smiley isnt appearing. It never appears for me, either, but you can still tell that its gone by the disappearing of the purple pokérus icon.

Random pokerus guide here:
I suggest having the pokérus spread onto a Pokémon you don't care about training, and keeping it in the PC. The way that this works is that every time you want to infect a Pokémon that you would like to train, take that Pokémon out and spread it to the new Pokémon, then return it to the PC right away.

Try to always keep a pokérused Pokémon or two in the PC, this way if you lose the pokérus (accidentally keeping it out too long or after spreading it a lot) you can get a new Pokémon to use.

Source: Experience

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It said there was no smiley, I guessing that it not saying that it had pokerus and having no smiley = no double EVs
All my Pokémon without smileys get double EVs. Ive NEVER gotten the smiley, except from (your) raichu
It should always get the smiley
Tell that to my Pokémon then
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It is most likely a glitch.

I haven't experienced anything like this before. A Pokemon is only supposed to get Pokerus once. Something may have gone wrong when you transferred it from Black to ORAS. (Pokebank can do some weird things)

Hope I helped!