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Like how the life orb can be found on Absol(now I have like 10 life orbs o3o)


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These are just the competitive items, if you want all of the items look at my source. Also, this is just the items you can find through the Dexnav.
-Sandshrew: Grip Claw
-Vulpix: Charcoal
-Oddish: Absorb Bulb
-Gloom: Absorb Bulb
-Machop: Focus Band
-Goldeen: Mystic Water
-Seaking: Mystic Water
-Corsola: Luminous Moss
-Skarmory: Metal Coat
-Wurmple: Bright Powder
-Lotad: Mental Herb
-Lombre: Mental Herb
-Seedot: Power Herb
-Nuzleaf: Power Herb
-Nincada: Soft Sand
-Makuhita: Black Belt
-Sableye: Wide Lens
-Mawile: Iron Ball
-Plusle: Cell Battery
-Minun: Cell Battery
-Volbeat: Bright Powder
-Illumise: Bright Powder
-Seviper: Shed Shell
-Baltoy: Light Clay
-Claydol: Light Clay
-Duskull: Spell Tag
-Absol: Life Orb
-Snorunt: Snowball

Hope I helped!

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can't scraggy have a shed shell?
It's spelled Herb, not Erb
Not by dexnav
o3o it does come with a shed shell sometimes iirc