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Mega Metagross has really good defenses and good offensive stats. Should I use Mega Metagross as a wall or a sweeper?

Metagross is mostly sweeper because it has great speed and outlandish attack (factoring Tough Claws). Not to mention large coverage span

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Bulky Sweeper

This is because of it's epic offensive move-set possibilities:

  • STAB Meteor Mash
  • STAB Bullet Punch
  • STAB Zen Headbutt
  • Earthquake
  • Hammer Arm / Brick Break
    [Credit to Scilicet (Thanks :D) ]

  • Iron Head : That cool 30% Flinch rate though :')

  • The elemental punches: Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch: Great for coverage, decent power.

On the other hand, its stalling / hit-taking capabilities aren't all that strong. It just doesn't have the kind of moves it takes to be a wall. A tank, yes, but not a wall, except a physical wall, thanks to Iron Defense.

Besides, it has a typing, that sadly, gives it a 2x weakness to most of moves that commonly used whose types include, but aren't limited to Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark.

I must add here, however that it does have a lot of resistances, but sadly, in the meta-game the afore-mentioned moves are the most common, with the exception of Fairy moves.

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tbh Iron Head > Meteor Mash, minor detail tho :D
Also elemental punches, specifically Ice Punch
ah, yes, thank you, i'll edit them in :)
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Well, Mega Metagross can be used for both, really.
He's mostly used offensively, though, as his speed becomes pretty high when mega evolving.
He also gets great offensive moves. You could use him as a tank, but its not recommended.
If you want to check out some movesets, I reccomend this link: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4459/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-metagross