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Because I used Pokemon bank to make my team and then my starter started getting behind on levels.Also because I want to be at a good level to battle Archie in the Seafloor Cavern area.Any answers as soon as possible please and thank you.

Rebattle trainers
you have a point.

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I suggest you rebattle trainers using your PokeNav. With AreaNav, you can see if anyone in the route you're in wants to battle you again.

Another thing you could do is get a Lucky Egg. You can find them being held by wild Pelliper (when using the DexNav) it highly boosts your EXP gain when being held.

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Of course, there are Bissey Bashes, where you battle either level 50 or 100 Pokèmon. This is a good way to grind for experience, because Bissey's give out the most EXP. This is also effective with the Lucky Egg, which you can find as a Held Item in wild Pelipers.

You can also rebattle trainers, too. But this might take some time.

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