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I need a HM slave to go secret base hunting, but don't know which one to use.


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He has access to Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Smash and Dive.
You also go twice as fast when surfing whichcan be save a lot of time.


Although hard to obtain he has acess to pretty much every HM move - not including Dig.


Our good old friend learns everything but Fly


Easily obtainable has a good HM movepool and a nice Pick Up ability to grab some free items too :D

See here for more in-depth information on HM Slaves

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There a few that I have found very useful.

  • Sharpedo is very useful as a water HM slave, but you cannot go fishing on Sharpedo.
    One thing that makes Sharpedo good is that he surfs very fast.
    Give Sharpedo Surf, Waterfall, Dive, and Strength or Rock Smash (Strength and Rock Smash are for caves with water and boulders)(Personally, I would go with Strength)

  • Wailmer is also useful for a water HM slave. Unlike Sharpedo, you can go fishing on Wailmer. The downsides are that Wailmer can cause your game to crash if you are surfing on it, level it up and it evolves, it also isn't as fast as Sharpedo. Wailmer also has a custom surfing sprite, like Sharpedo. You could use Wailord if you don't really care about the custom sprite, but if you do, make sure to give your Wailmer an Everstone.
    Give Wailmer the same moveset as Sharpedo:
    Give Sharpedo Surf, Waterfall, Dive, and Strength or Rock Smash

  • For a field HM slave, try Charizard.
    Give him Fly, Rock Smash, Strength, and Cut

  • For a cave HM slave, use Raichu. (Not all of these are HM moves but they are still useful for inside caves!)
    Give Raichu Flash, Dig, Rock Smash, and Strength.
    Use Flash to light up dark caves and use Dig to easily escape caves without using an escape rope!

Hope I helped!

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Ive found more than one HM slave, since you can only have four moves on a Pokemon. EVs, Items and Nature is not needed since this is ingame.

Sea/Cave HM Slave
IMO Sharpedo is really good.

Sharpedo @Whatever
Ability: Who cares?
EVs: Anything/You/Want
Nature: Don't need to know
-Dive/Some attacking move you want
-Strength/Rock Smash

Surf is necessary to reach bases that require crossing water to get it. Waterfall can get you to hidden places. Dive is not important for base hunting, but for a regular HM slave would be good. Replace it with a random attacking move if you don't want it. Strength and rock smash can be useful in caves. Easy to find, on routes 118 and 119 you can get by fishing. I think this one will be useful for bases. Fastest surfer is an added bonus.

But if you want something for just about everything...

[email protected] @Something
Ability: Idk
EVs: It/Won't/Matter
Nature: Not important

Can be used for almost anything except for caves.

If you don't want a legendary...

Crawdaunt@An item
Ability: An ability
EVs: Some/Random/EVs
Nature: A nature
-Rock Smash/Dive/Waterfall

Last moves aren't as important. You can have anything but fly

I show all the pokémon who are good, but some other good ones that can be gotten by trade are Froakie, Biberal and Dragonite.


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Since this is oras, I'll use ones obtainable in oras:


cut, fly, rock smash, strength, and secret power

Linoone w/ pickup

cut, fly, rock smash, secret power, and surf


surf, waterfall, dive, strength, rock smash, and secret power


rock smash, teleport, secret power, cut, flash, and strength


strength, teleport, secret power, rock smash, flash, and dig