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I need a fast sweeper, either physical or special for my team that I can use in stead of Tornadus-Therian. Do you have any suggestions? Preferably flying :)

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There are several choices. Talonflame is a very powerful Pokemon and so is for example Dragonite. I would personally choose Talonflame because it really is just too overpowered. While its base speed stat already is 126, it has Gale Wings, which is arguably one of the most overpowered abilities in the game. If you are going uber, there isn't anything else but Rayquaza.

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Rayquaza or Togekiss

I highly recommend using rayquaza because:
1) His base stat total (especially when mega) is unbelievable
2) He's available in ORAS
3) He has a wide move category of types and attack
4) You can make him a physical or special sweeper.
5) Minimal weaknesses
Rayquaza is the best Pokemon for a sweeper because he's an amazing Pokemon and looks really cool when shiny.

If you don't want to choose a legendary, choose togekiss because:
1) He would make a great special sweeper, and provides a great range of defense (to balance off weaknesses)
2) Can learn a wide variety of moves in various types
3) A fairy type that's really good and good against many types.

I would highly recommend rayquaza if it fits your choice, since he can mega and provide an extra item slot with it too - with his outstanding stats. If you can't use legends, choose togekiss because he's a great Pokemon in my opinion and would make a great Pokemon for your team. Plus, their both flying types with suitable abilities.

Your choice! Hope I helped! :)

o3o in the oras metagame 80 or 95 is close to fast but not enough
It was a choice, after all, he was looking mainly for a physical/special sweeper - and the speed of togekiss gives a good overall standard
but not good enough
80 isn't the greatest
why not use thundurus or mega pidgeot?