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When are the release dates for the next Pokémon games going to be released? Does anybody know?

Hey, ado you think it will be a Fire Red remake?
Remake of a remake? Probably not.

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As far as I know, the Pokemon game that will be released next is Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon which is supposed to come out in Winter of 2015. (We don't know the exact date) this may not be the only Pokemon game for the rest of this year but as of now none have been announced. (I will edit my answer when I hear about new games!)

Hope I helped!

Alrighty! Thank you!
No problem!
Nintendo will be announcing the game(s)'s release dates at E3, right?
Yeah, the next game will probably be revealed at E3
I hope they do a new  Black and White (want to see mega unovas) but i dont think they will (Black and White 3 ? i dont think so)
B/W was like, 3 years ago PLUS we already got remakes
Also, the next game that isn't a mystery dungeon will most likely be released in late 2016, since the lack of any preview at E3 2015 probably means they're still working on it. Let's hope it's better than ORAS and XY...