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What is a good poison Pokemon to use in X that isn't used that often?

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This is for an ingame team

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Competitive or in game team?
This will be for a fun, in game team on pokemon x.
Okay, you should probably edit that into your answer.

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A few of them worth looking into:


enter image description here

Just barely outclassed by the male counterpart, and an example hardcore Feminazis can use to describe Male Privilege, Nidoqueen is a Pokemon that one should look out for. Here's why:

  • Access to 3 HMs, including Surf (!) and Strength
  • Well rounded stats
  • Excellent movepool, if you include TMs. Otherwise, you're going to have to a wait a long while to get what you want.
  • Few key resistances.
  • Easy to evolve, if you have a Moon Stone (also a con)
  • Found at a low-ish level ingame, at 21, so it is, I believe, quite early ingame.


  • No stat is really you know, excellent, as such. However, it doesn't matter so much ingame.
  • Typing gives it a weakness to some of the most common types of attacks faced, such as Ground, and Ice.
  • Requires a Moon Stone.
  • Nidoking looks cooler


enter image description here

Not quite under-used I know, but it is often ignored in-game.


  • Excellent Attack and Speed
  • Great Hidden Ability
  • Useful in competitive as a Baton Passer
  • Again, found at a low level, so I'm assuming it's early in-game.
  • Works well against the Fairy-gym


  • Predictable movepool, but this is fine, to be honest.
  • Earlier stages need support and minor amounts of grinding
  • Doesn't look 'cool'. I mean, most Bugs don't, with the exception of Beedrill and a few others.


enter image description here

An old favourite of so many, but often ignored because Zubat is annoying, and Happiness to evolve makes it a pain sometimes.


  • Excellent Speed
  • Decent, well rounded stats.
  • Effective movepool (Again, somewhat predictable, but that's okay.)
  • Found EVERYWHERE (Almost a con, tbh), as in, most other games, if you want to transfer
  • Found at low levels, quite early ingame.
  • Can learn Fly


  • Needs happiness to evolve, but Poke-Amie, and other things have somewhat fixed that.
  • Needs TMs to function better


enter image description here

Pretty much hated by all thanks to how annoying it was in the Sinnoh games, and that owned-by-the-baddies vibe, but it can be pretty fun.


  • Great HP and Speed
  • Decent attacking stats that work well in-game, but not in competitive
  • Good in competitive as an Annoyer, or something on those lines (Taunt + Sucker Punch + Explosion)
  • Decent number of TMs that compliment stats
  • Mediocre mixed sweeper. (Learns Flamethrower for some reason)
  • Excellent typing that gives only 1 weakness and 4 resistances and 1 immunity.
  • Found at low levels early-ish in game.


  • Evolves at level 34.
  • Poor Defenses, but quite okay, to be honest.

Other mentions: Beedrill, Nidoking, Dragalge, Drapion and Gengar, and Venausaur (OU, but fantastic).

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He said no pokemon like crobat and gengar.
Plus you can't get Dragalge in X o3o
Ah yes, which is why I listed out Skuntank and Nidoqueen. Not too many to choose from, to be honest. As for Dragalge, most people transfer/ trade for that. Anyway, it was only mentioned there for the sake of being a Poison type. The main ones are the guys with the sprites :p

As for Crobat, I realise that it is quite popular, but I figured to add it due to access to Fly, and exposure to people like myself who are too lazy to raise the Pokemon's happiness, or find it too annoying.