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Koga and Janine use Poison Pokemon and they look like ninjas ("Janine" is "ninja" with the syllables reversed). In addition, almost all Pokemon that Ninja Boys use are Poison type. However, most Poison Pokemon aren't even fast, as they average at 64 speed. (and are definitely not moderators)

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I don't think it's just poison types, Since greNINJA is a frog with water/dark typing (until you add in protein).
dark makes sense, because ninjas are elusive, and elusiveness is associated with dark because it's easy to hide in darkness.
I think its because ninjas are associated with the colours purple, black and blue (sometimes)

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The pokémon are the ninjas' weapons. Ninjas come equipped with things like smoke bombs, like Koffing, and sometimes even just poison darts, like the move poison sting. The poison type has moves that would be considered deadly like poison gas or poison jab just like a ninja. Compared to other types poison is best at speed, special attacks, and physical attacks. This shows the ninjas speed and how they can attack both physically or with tactical weapons. Poison types use moves like acid, smog, poison powder, and poison jab to gain a tactical advantage and leave their targets either dead or with impaired i.e. poisoned.

Also ninjas POISON people an then they faint.

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It might be because Ninja's have been known to use poison in there Arsenals. Small, sharp peices of wood Dipped in Poisons of plants and Animals, Poison smoke bombs and Black Eggs are known Poisonous Weaponry.

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Poison Pokemon are associated with ninjas because ninjas have many kinds of weapons which are associated with poison type weapons such as poison darts, poison bombs etc. A arbok have poison sting like poison darts and acid attacks.

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