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In the VGC 15 setting who would be better? Tyrantrum or Salamence? Both synergize with my team well so typing is not an issue. Both have their merits.

Salamence @ Yache Berry (Life Orb is already being used)
Ability: Intimidate
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Jolly Nature
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide


Tyrantrum @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Rock Head
30 HP, 252 Attack, 196 Speed
Jolly Nature
Head Smash
Dragon Claw
Poison Fang

My team has several special attackers so I want a physical powerhouse. I want earthquake, due to the fact I have a flying type and a levitate user. So which one would be better? Salamence has intimidate, which is always useful. He also has higher base stats, but does not get STAB on most of his moves. Tyrantrum gets STAB head smash, no recoil, making it one of the best moves. Also gains poison fang, which badly poisons the opposing Pokemon 50% of the time, making like a toxic on steroids, as it also does decent damage. Furthermore poison acts as a fairy counter.

Any help would be appreciated!

Salamence, unless you use Trick Room. Tyrantrum is too slow and it has many more weaknesses to cater to.
Scarfed Tyrantrum is actually half decent when paired with offensive Thundurus or a Gravity Pokémon. However, a Tyrantrum needs much more support than a Salamence. If you need Earthquake so badly, why not Landorus-Therian? It gets the same coverage as Salamence bar Dragon, has Intimidate, the same number of weaknesses, and STAB Earthquake. On the other hand, people are much more prepared for Salamence / Landorus than Tyrantrum.

What's the rest of your team?
^ This. Also, do you already have a mega?
Someone on showdown said "Salamence should be AG with Mega-Rayquaza."
Legendaries are not allowed in VGC.
Landorus is. M-Ray isn't.
Woah I thought this question didn't go through

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Salamence, unless the choice scarf is changed for tyrantrum (Yet would be too slow then).
This vgc15 has already shown many defensive teams, including Clefairy eviolite, and getting locked into dragon claw would allow set ups and an easy victory over you.

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Simple: Head Smash the little ****. Don't lock into Dragon Claw against a team with Fairies.
Besides, if his particular Tyrantrum goes Poison Fang against Clefairy, it's lights out for the opponent.
Why is Clefairy-Eviolite in VGC?
Because its slightly bulkier than Clefable, gets Follow Me, speed control, Moonblast, and the ultra-rare Friend Guard.
Yeah I totally agree with Grime Time and Querty_Zoom
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If you don't have a mega, Salamence would be great there. It has good sweeping potential and Dragon Dance will help you delete most of the metagame with a stab frustration or double edge. You can run Earthquake for coverage and protect in the last slot.

If I knew your whole team I could give you a better analysis.