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I'm going to be training an adamant Floatzel with Ice Punch, Dig, and Aqua Tail. What should the 4th move be?


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Crunch covers Ghost and Psychic, whereas Brick Break covers Rock, Steel, Ice, Normal, and Dark.

So that way, Brick Break is better. Besides, it also breaks Light Screen/ Reflect, so that's a bonus too. I'd say go with Brick Break, although it has (only) 5 less Base Power.

P.S: Switch Aqua Tail with Waterfall: Better accuracy + Flinch rate.

Alternatively, you could ditch Dig because it is a 2 turn move, and have both Brick Break and Crunch instead, but that's your call.
I guess for a fighting type crunch would get a ghost (whom you cant damage otherwise) and a psychic (who would be super effective) as you can get better fighting moves later
yet crunch is better for a floatzel