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I just noticed that Inkay evolves by turning the game upside down. I font know how that works. I tried it and got it to level 50 but it didnt evolve. Why?

I think the DS has some sort of gyro-device that can tell if its facing right. Or it could be the cameras.
Idk  man,  not sure if cameras have access to be switched on and record that way.. :/
Th e gyro sensor seems more likely,  tbh.
How can we say this... it's very similar to how an iPad / android automatically rotates it's screen depending on which how it's held. Basically a sensor detects the balance change and sends messages to the other departments. It's mostly rudimentary in pokemon games (only actually used for the Inkay evo) but I think there are some other games that require it more.
One if the biggest proofs of the 3DS having a gyroscope is the play coins system (basically a step counter).

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It is not the game, it's the 3DS.
There is some sort of gyroscope like device in the 3DS, which allows it to sense which way it is being turned. This is the first and only time the 3DS gyroscope has been used in a Pokemon game.

Example of a device with a gyroscope: Nintendo Wii remotes have gyroscopes on them. Almost (if not all) all Wii games use the gyroscope so if you have ever played a Wii game you know what I am talking about.

As for evolving your Inkay try doing the entire battle upside down just to be safe. To make this easier, hang over the side of your couch or bed upside down. Make sure your 3DS is not upside down for you but it is for other people, just sit on your bed, couch, etcetera holding the 3DS the correct way, and flip over the side of the couch. Doing that will make the DS think it is upside down! (Which it is, but not for you.)
Picture example:
Upside down
NOTE: Do not stay upside down for too long!
Hope I helped!
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A 3-axis gyroscope that measures tilt in three dimensions, to be precise :9

And just so you know, XY was the first Pokemon game released for the 3DS exclusively, of course it would be the first time they utilize it's gyroscope lol.
What about GTI?
I meant the first official game, not spin off xP
And I haven't ever played that game, maybe there's some use of gyroscope there as well. But I would never know xD
I don't think PMD games are considered spin offs.
Anything that doesn't come in the main series is a spin off :P
PMD games are good spin offs tho ;o
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lol, haha