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Looking for an eevee-lution to round off my team. Which is the better choice? My team consists of Greninja, Pikachu, Haxorus, Aurorus, Charizard, and the Eevee.


obviously espeon, because fairies are stupid.
Not in sylveon's case. Sweeper : Espeon---More bulk : Sylveon.

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Gym Leaders, E4, and other notable opponents in XY.

Viola – You can't get an Eevee before her, but if you could, her Bug-types would threaten Espeon.

Grant – His Tyrunt is part Dragon-type, meaning that Sylveon's Fairy attacks can hit it supereffectively.

Korrina – Both Espeon and Sylveon can take on her Fighting-types.

Ramos – Espeon will be able to hit Weepinbell for supereffective damage.

Clemont – His Magneton resists both of Espeon and Sylveon's STABs, and can hurt Sylveon with its Steel typing.

Valerie – Mawile and Mr. Mime resist Psychic while Mawile resists Fairy and can threaten Sylveon with Steel attacks.

Olympia – All of her Pokémon resist Espeon's STAB.

Wulfric – Neither Sylveon or Espeon are better against him.

Wikstrom – His Steel-types can defeat Sylveon and resist Espeon's Psychic STABs, while Aegislash can easily take it out with Ghost attacks.

Malva – Her Fire-types resist Sylveon's Fairy attacks, but Chandelure can threaten Espeon.

Drasna – Sylveon wins against all of her Pokémon but Dragalge, who is hit supereffectively by Espeon.

Seibold – Starmie resists Espeon's STAB.

Diantha – Sylveon can take out Tyrantrum, Hawlucha and Goodra. Espeon is hurt by Gourgheist, and both Eeveelutions struggle against Mega Gardevoir.

Lysandre – He uses a Mega Gyarados, which is partially Dark-type, meaning that Sylveon has the advantage… but watch out for Iron Head.

In conclusion, I think that Sylveon has a better matchup in-game. However, both Sylveon and Espeon have the same coverage (Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Shadow Ball), but Sylveon has easier-to-cover weaknesses.

"and both Eeveelutions struggle against Mega Gardevoir." Not sylveon. Fairy is neutral to fairy
It actually is whether re12 will need Espeon's strong and capable sp.atk or need Sylveon's bulky sp.def