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I want to System Tranfer my downloaded Pokémon X from my 3DS to my New! 3DS. However, I don't want to System Transfer everything else — just Pokémon X. Is there a way to selectively transfer only the material I want, or is there a way to delete old stuff? If neither of these work, is there a different way to transfer Pokémon X?

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I'm not completely sure that this will work, but it might work.
If I'm correct, system transfer completely moves all of the data.
If you have an SD card reader, put the SD card for your current 3DS (the one with X) into the reader and plug it into your computer.  Save the files to the computer then remove the SD card reader from your computer. Put your SD card back into your 3DS and do the system transfer. (If I'm correct on how system transfer works, it completely moves ALL of the data and you only want Pokemon X moved.) After the transfer, put the 3DS SD card into the SD card reader, and put the SD card reader back into your computer. Now copy the files that you previously uploaded to your computer to the SD card.
If it works, each 3DS should have the exact same data, you may have to delete some stuff on the New 3DS, but it's the only way I could think of.
(note, this may not work!)
I could copy/paste everything from SD card 1 onto my laptop, then copy/paste that onto SD card 2, except the card for the New 3DS is a microSD, and I don't think that fits in the computer.
The new 3DS has a micro SD card!?!?
What the heck Nintendo!
With this idea you don't actually need to system transfer, you just  need an OTG Card Reader to move files from SD card to SD Card selectively. It has USB accessories that should connect with a computer or laptop.
Um...correct me if I'm wrong, but the data on a game stays on the cartridge for the 3ds's, right? It stays on the SD card for the Wii. So...pretty much what I'm saying is that you could hypothetically just put your X cartridge in to your New 3DS and it would be the same as your old 3DS (other than the friendz).
If im correct, he downloaded X
Oh..makes sense then.
I saw that 7 seconds after you posted o_o

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Well, there should be a little tab next to the 'open' button when you select the app.
tap that and there should be a save a backup or something along the lines of that. then save it and download Pokemon x on your NEW 3ds by eshop and chuck in your sd card

Hope I helped!!