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Let's say that I have a Shroomish in Emerald. It only has Effect Spore as it's ability. Is there a chance when I transfer my Shroomish to Platinum and evolve it, Breloom would get Poison Heal instead of Effect Spore?


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Yes, when transferring Pokemon from Gen 3 to 4 there is a chance the Pokemon will change Ability, if the Pokemon had only one in Gen 3.

When Abilities were introduced in Generation III, some Pokémon only had one possible Ability. A number of these species were given a second Ability in Generation IV; if a Pokémon of a species which gained a new Ability in Generation IV is evolved in Generation IV or V, its Ability will be recalculated.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ability#Mechanics

If I have a Absol, or a fully evolved Pokémon such as Clefable, will these Pokémon have a chance to gain their respective new abilities?
what were their new abilities again?
Super Luck and Magic Guard, respectively.
Yep, their Abilities might change upon transferring.
it's funny how the two answers are different but they cite the same source.
Thanks, this answers my question.
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I honestly think: NO!

The reason I'm saying this because Pokemon never change their abilities when they level up or evolve. This only works if the evolving Pokemon can learn this ability too. For example, if shroomish learned "Effect Spore", then he will learn "Effect Spore" if transferred or evolved.


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That can't be, or else every 6IV Pokémon would have one ability.
Since I screwed up my comment XD I also fixed it.
oh sorry. i meant personality value. I just found on Bulbapedia that they were different from IVs.