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Did any of you notice this? The guy we meet in Pacifidlog Town who says he's lost and can't remember and later on he gives us an Audinite in a woman's house. He looks so much like that detective Looker from the Pokemon anime Diamond and Pearl series and so on. Doesn't he?

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hes in the battle resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yep. He is.

Maybe you don't know this but Looker also makes an appearance in an "After Episode" on XY. It's pretty cool cuz it has it's own story and plot and new characters are introduced. I'm pretty sure that the Looker in ORAS is the same one from XY but after the events of said game.

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I googled it later. Found out all about Looker and XY After Episode. Thanks
ORAS takes place before X/Y
look here http://imgur.com/gallery/pvba5Ur
when you kinda think about it, Looker was even in fire red leaf green. when you're on the SS Anne, there is this one guy that says he is a global police on the trail for team rocket. we know that the SS Anne was lost so we can assume this guy was looker at the time when he lost his memories along the shores of the island in hoenn.