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Rain double

Ludicolo @ Life orb
Nature: Timid/ Modest
Ability: Rain dish/Swift swim
Evs: 252sp.attack / 100 hp / 156 speed

• Leech seed/ rain dance
• Giga drain
• Hydro pump/ surf
• Substitute/ protect

Ludicolo has either timid and rain dish or modest and swift swim. Leech seed is for recovery and to heal off life orb recoil or rain dance for rain. Giga drain STAB and recovery off life orb. Surf or hydro pump STAB, rain and life orb boosted can heal politoed. Substitute or protect to either prevent status (when in substitute) or just immunity from some moves.

Politoed @ Damp rock
Nature: Calm
Ability: Water absorb
Evs: 248 hp / 164sp.defense / 96 speed
• Scald
• Encore
• Mud shot or mud bomb
• Icy wind / Ice beam

Politoed scald STAB and rain boosted and chance to burn which helps with defence stats. Encore to trap foes in a stat move. Icy wind to hit both targets and lower their speed and over grass weakness or ice beam for more power. Mud shot or mud bomb do I go for accuracy or power?

Please let me know I need to make any adjustments to this duet such as moves, Evs etc.

Damp Rock is to be held by the Pokemon using Rain Dance!
Y'know, most people just use Drizzle on Politoed.
earth power is both power and accuracy
^ Such a shame that Politoed doesn't get Earth Power.
Times like this make me wish Josh was here. He'd know EXACTLY what to do here.
A Drizzle Politoed would save you the time of wasting a move on Rain Dance duh.

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water absorb is an ability if the Pokemon is hit by a water type attack and will restore the hp. so if politoad had a speed raising move then it should be fine. Ludicolo is good with rain dish or swift swim
as for the moves, just focus on some stat lowering moves, and watch out for bug Pokemon on Ludicolo