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I am asking this because of the logic. Groudon and Kyogre had a "Terrible" clash, yet they weren't banished. Is this because they had to make the continents and etc.?

(also where's the Griseous orb or whatever in ORAS?)

Only GF knows

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The Distortion World (Japanese: やぶれたせかい Torn World) is the name given to an alternate dimension in Pokémon Platinum and the true home of the legendary Pokémon Giratina.

As far as the games, anime, and manga go, no there is not any other Pokemon other than Giratina in the Distortion World.
There is most likely Pokemon other than Giratina in the Distortion World.
The Distortion World is some sort of alternate dimension.
According to Dictionary.com, alternate (as a verb) means to change back and forth between conditions, states, actions, etc. (From my understanding, alternate means opposite.)

For example, lets say Sinnoh is the "good world" and the Distortion World is the "bad world." Lets also pretend that every Pokemon is a "good guy."
Since everything in the Distortion World is bad. Because, the Distortion World is an oppisite dimension our bad things their good things and vice versa. So, the Distortion World is basically an evil world, the good Pokemon from the "good world" are bad in the "bad world" because the "bad world" is basically the opposite of the good world.

But, there is no actual proof weather or not there are Pokemon in the Distortion World or not, only GameFreak knows.

Hope I helped!
(NOTE: I know Wikipedia is sometimes unreliable, but that's the only info I could find on what alternate dimensions are.)

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remember that in Japanese the world is called torn world not distortion world, the Japanese word would have come first.
just a thought.
You have a point
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No, Giratina is the only one.

Giratina had been being too violent and destructive, so Arceus stopped it and banished it to the Distortion World. Meanwhile, Dialga and Palkia make the universe and then go to sleep for ages in their own dimensions.

Kyogre and Groudon make the earth and water, but they start fighting over who will dominate the world. Arceus does nothing because... Reasons? No one gets banished because Arceus won't help, so Rayquaza steps in instead and calms the two before going back to the sky. Kyogre and Groudon go into their caverns and everyone sleeps for centuries again. The Red and Blue Orbs were made to stop them from arguing again.

Arceus makes the orbs for Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, then leaves to sleep as well.

Tl;dr: For some reason Arceus does nothing while Kyogre and Groudon fight, which is why they weren't banished.

Source: Knowledge and history of Pokémon

why did he make the griseous orb tho? I mean he was banished right?
Game freak doesnt make sense sometimes. Like how giratina isnt sent back to the distortion world when the player captures it.
The distortion world is an alternate dimension
So? It could be an empty dimension
I think that the reason Arceus doesn't intervene with Groudon/Kyogre is because their clash is relatively faaaar way smaller. Their outcomes can only influence the earth but when it comes to Palkia, Dialga and Giratina we're talking about the entire Universe so yeah..

I mean it's just a thought ahaha ^^
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According to the movies and the anime the answer would be no:

Although Distortion World (you spelled Disortion btw :o) IS a parallel world of "ours", it was created by Arceus to trap Giratina so it would make sense that he's alone. Think of it more like a prison made to look like our world. Maybe they'll link it to other Pokemon later in like a new Mystery Dungeon game or something where they'll be Pokemon in there or maybe if another godly legendary gets banned or something.