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I'm playing Platinum, how do I get her Pokemon to lv60?
I have beaten her at least 30 times, but her Pokemon are still lv45!

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When you initially battle Socialite Reina, she will have a level 27
Purugly, and you will get 10800 Pokédollars upon beating her.

Upon your first rematch with this lovely Madame, she will have upped
her game to a level 27 Roselia, however you only receive 5400
Pokédollars, if you have the skill to beat her, that is.

Upon your third and final battle with Reina, she will have a monstrous
level 61 Roselia, and you will receive beautiful winnings of 13000
dollars should you beat her.

This was interpreted from this source, from clicking on the Platinum trainers, and reading that. I changed it up a bit to make it more interesting, but just with flavour text. The information remains the same. I hope I answered your question!

Do I need to beat the elite four again? I'm doing this for money and EXP (I got the amulet coin) So I really need her Pokemon at lv 61. But its still lv 45.
This must be a glitch. For more information on rebattling, please use this webpage: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rematch
However, you may try rebattling the elite four again, and see if that works.
there's no purugly. double-check your source.
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You just need to get the national pokedex and keep battling her via vs seeker. It worked for me.

Hope I helped!

I have the national dex and I've challenged and beat her at least 30 times. Her Pokemon are still lv 40.
That's odd...
How many times have you battled Reina?
Too late...... sigh
Eh your answer was much better than mine o3o
Aw thanks! :3