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I'm overhauling my horrific team that I used for the June International Challenge, making the rather radical change from Tailwind to Trick Room. While sniffing around Amoonguss' learnset I discovered that it has After You.

>After You forces the target to attack first in the next turn. It can be targeted at opponents or team-mates.

I thought this could be some nice tech to let someof my Pokémon have pseudo-speed outside of Trick Room. For example, I could have Rhyperior go first in the turn and get clutch Rock Slide flinches that I couldn't have because he's usually so slow. My idea for this would be to have Rhyperior (or other) use Protect while Amoonguss uses After You on Rhyperior.

My only fear is that After You might not work on Protect. Can someone confirm or debunk this strategy?

Just got this bit from Bulbapedia.

>If the target has already moved on the same turn, After You fails.

Will Protect count as "moving first?"


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Bulbapedia says that After You forces the target moves right after the user. Protect does count as moving first. Therefore, After You fails when the target uses Protect.
At least it does according to a source and another source.

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