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I am going to get all my pokemon to lvl 45...
where is a good spot to train the following to lvl 45?
galvantula lvl 44
swanna lvl 39
amoongus lvl 39
scrafty lvl 39

like what routes to train on for super-effectiveness like training my emboar on rt. 6
but tell me routes for those^

ps my emboar is lvl 49 I don't need to train it


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You don't need super effectiveness, just go to route 9 or 10 ( preference ) and look for shaking grass and fight audinos. Making your pokemon hold the lucky egg item also makes them grow alot faster

With super effectiveness I can mass train
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You can go audino hunting, but another strategy is to put 2 Pokemon in the day care and go to the gear station.

This bit is not in the game:tear out 2 sticky tape pieces and put one on the B button and one on the down button. Your player will move by itself, round and round. You can charge your ds while doing this. This takes a long time, though.

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You could leave them in the daycare or train in nimbasa. Both work.