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I was checking to see how much data I had left on my 3DS and in the DLC (Dowlnoadable Content) section of data management section of system settings, I saw that Pokemon X took up more blocks than Pokemon Y. I found this weird because
One: Both of them are fully updated. Pokemon Y is ver. 1.5 while Pokemon X is ver. 1.3.
Two: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire both took up the same amount of DLC blocks.

Why is it like this?

Pokemon X is taking up 318 blocks while Pokemon Y is taking up 244 blocks.
Both OR and AS are taking up 269 blocks.

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Maybe you have more Pokémon?
Im almost certain Y has more Pokemon than X because X is my sister's game, she didn't play it nearly as much
I'll edit in the amount of Pokemon, trades, battles  ect later
I figured it out myself, I just needed to update. But I also needed to update AS... before I updated AS, both OR and AS took up the  same amount of data...

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I figured it out myself, I just had to update Pokemon X to version 1.5. Apparently ver. 1.5 takes up less blocks than ver. 1.3.
Something else I found strange was that I also needed to update AS, but even before the update, both OR and AS took up the same amount of blocks.

Not surprising. It is common to release a quick patch code then go back later and optimize it before the next patch is released. The optimization is not necessarily to take up less space (space is cheap) but to make the code simpler and less bug prone.  I also wouldn't be surprised if the sizes do differ occasionally. X & Y probably share a common code base but they are still two different games. It's possible for one to have a bug the other does not. The corresponding patch would have to be larger for one of them in this case.