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I do not mean a Pokemon, for example, Beedrill always being shiny no matter how you get it, I mean a special encounter Pokemon that is always shiny, such as the Gyarados in HG/SS. Are there any other Pokemon like this and if so, what are they?


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To my knowledge, there are only two Pokémon that are both interactable and Shiny 100% of the time.

Red Gyarados

The most obvious one is the Red Gyarados encountered at the Lake of Rage in both the second and fourth generation games.


While not as well known as the Red Gyarados, there is a Shiny Haxorus awaiting the player at the center of the Nature Preserve in BW2.

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There is one other occurrence of obtaining a definite shiny Pokémon :
Defeat Alder's Grandson, Benga, in the Black Tower in Black 2 or in White Treehollow in White 2.
His Pokémon are level 80, if you beat him, he will give you a Shiny Gible in Black 2 or a Shiny Dratini in White 2
Source: Bulbapedia
in the question it says encounter, not gift