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I am replaying Pokemon White as a nuzlocke and currently, my team is:


I feel like there are way too many good grass types in comparison to water types.

I can't use panpour because it died earlier in the game, I can't use ducklett or tirtouga because I plan on getting archeops as a fossil (instead of tirtouga, and that way I don't really want to have 2 flying types on my team)...

I could always not have a water type (as I already have Krookodile to cover for most fire types) and get a Pokemon that can learn surf, but there aren't many of those (especially not in early game. Otherwise, I would get hydreigon, but deinos are hardly guaranteed in a nuzlocke as they are hard to find. Also, I already have a dark type).

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate it.


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I highly recommend a Seismitoad. You can catch a Tympole at Pinwheel Forest. At Lv 25 it will evolve into a Palpitoad and at. Lv 36 it will evolve into a Seismitoad. If you could wait, then you could catch a Palpitoad later in the game at Route 8, Icirrus City and Moor of Icirrus. Anyways, I'd suggest the following moveset:

Swift Swim Seismitoad:

  • Rain Dance (To activate it's ability)
  • Surf/Scald/Hydro Pump
  • Earth Power
  • Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb (To cover it's Grass weakness)

Hope I helped.

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Thanks for your answer. I thought of tympole, but I've already caught something in Pinwheel forest (this is a nuzlocke, btw). Is there any other area where it's easy to find?
He said that if you wait a bit, on route 8 you can get palpitoad, same with icirrus city and the moor of icirrus. I'm not sure how hard it is to get palpitoad there, but you still some chances.
Oh right, sorry (completely missed that... ^^;)
It shouldn't be hard to catch. And: your welcome.
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Tympole is an awesome water type in black/white. It grows into water ground (sismetoad) which is a sick combo (water Pokemon immune to electricity though susceptible to grass i'll admit). I just started on white again and chose tepig with tympole and zebstrika. Great combo. It does clash a bit with krookodile but having two ground types is totally ok with powerful moves like earthquake.

You can get it relatively early as well.

Give it
Surf - STAB, target all,
Earthquake - STAB, target all,
Ice Punch - Get the dragons and flying
Poisen Jab - cover your weaknesses. have a move that can target individuals if needed.

EV train your attack stat for this mix.

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Thanks for your answer. I thought of tympole, but I've already caught something in Pinwheel forest (this is a nuzlocke, btw). Is there any other area where it's easy to find?
I don't think Tympole occurs again. You might be screwed until late game when you can pick up frilish. A useful ghost water type. Of course I would rather have a litwik on my team and nobody needs two ghost pokemon. Then your stuck with basculin also late game.
Of course you could use Larvesta a fun bug/fire type instead of litwik then frilish would be much more usefull.
I might try to find tympole or I'll just stick with 2 flying types (ducklett for surf and archeops for fly).
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I'd personally recommend basculin. It's easy to find, has great abilities, and isn't too hard to train. Recommended move set is aqua tail(lv26)/waterfall(HM), crunch(lv24), take down(lv20)/double edge(lv36), and surf(HM)/dive(HM)/anything else. You can find them by fishing, or by trade in driftveil city. It might take some training, so be warned. hopefully you've beaten elesa already...

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