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Attack Deoxys with pure power and belly drum? What number would this be? 2000+?

I vaguely remember some kind of bug in previous generations having to do with attack being too high, is this still an issue?


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shuckle with pure power after using power trick and belly drum holding a choice band.

interesting. anyone know how much attack this adds up to? also wouldnt the power trick and choice band be in conflict with each other?

and there is no more bug concerning this anymore correct?
The opponent can use Trick,Swicheroo/Bestow to give shuckle the choice band
Impish Power Trick Choice Band +6 Shuckles Atk = 3,684
And using rollout after a defense curl, the final roll does the most, and a 2 cherrims in the sun using helping hand on shuckle
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A pure power shuckle that used power trick and defense curl, 6 stages of attack, a choice band, 2 cherrims each using helping hand on shuckle, very sunny, and on the final roll on rollout, and the opponent is a shuckle that used power trick and defense down 6 stages,

The question is the highest attack stat, not the amount of damage. Also, you should factor in natures too.