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i mean the Pokemon that has like eight evole forms

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You can actually get one with a hidden ability in Black and White 2, given to you by a girl in castelia city once you beat the game. I know its not in the first version, but its all I can offer.

you can also get it either by link trading or Pokemon transfer.

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Wonder trading isn't in B/W, it was introduced in X/Y
online features of all non-3ds games are disabled also
you can still link trade, just not online trade or gts
my bad ill fix it
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It is not available in Black and White, unfortunately. Your only hope is to trade it from a separate game.

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your answer and lucariokid's answer is the best ones i am gonna get so both are the best answers but i click for lucariokid since he told me i could get one with its ha in black and white 2