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Missingno is the missing # in the national dex (0). He is sometimes obtained by action replay or confusing the game. If he can be gotten without an action replay, it would be a cool thing to get. Thanks.

Hacking, cheating, glitches(major ones) Nothing else.
By the way, Missingno. was never #0, Victini is now!
Wrong!  Victini is #0 for the Unova Dex, but when you get the national dex he becomes # 400 something
Proof- Victini's page ON THIS WEBSITE!

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Missingno is not a real Pokemon, it was a glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue that made a random collection of pixels appear.

Part of the reason it appears is because of the limited space on the Gameboy cartridges (about 16 MB I think it was). So there was a lot of shared data which meant in certain circumstances it became corrupted. This is the same reason whyit's possible to obtain Mew (or any Pokemon) in-game.

The later games were completely rewritten and use different hardware so the above event doesn't occur at all. So there is no Missingno in Black/White, and it's not possible to obtain it, cheating or otherwise.

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It isn't posssible without cheating,as a matter of fact i should hope by now they should have fixed that glitch and it is only a first generation glitch (Including remake)and second generation.

OK, how come I didn't make my comment an answer. I answered the question!
Pokemaster, you are really good at answering questions.  Thanks!