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I just learnt about Special Abilities and how to get them on my Pokémon if you know what I mean? (Chain Breeding or something along those lines). So say if I start trying to obtain a Pokémon with their respected SA, how will I know if I obtain one??

Because it will have it's special ability .-.

Just look through out Pokedex pages for the Pokemon you want. Check which Hidden Ability it has (if it has one) and if the Pokemon you catch has that ability, then it's the Hidden Ability.

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It's simple. I, your friendly neighbourhood telemarketer, can show you how to do it in just seven easy steps!

Step 1: Hatch your Pokémon.
Step 2: Look at it's summary.
Step 3: Find it's ability.
Step 4: Search up your Pokémon on the highly esteemed Pokémon Database.
Step 5: Find that Pokémon's Hidden Ability.
Step 6: Compare it to the ability of your in-game Pokémon.
Step 7: If it's a match, you WIN!! It has its Hidden Ability! If not, re-breed and try again.


How nice.
It's a gift ;D